It’s Here!!!

I’m so excited for the long-awaited release of Boy Meets Nerd!!! I loved writing this book and I really hope my fans enjoy it. It took me a long time to finally publish it after I waffled with signing it to an agent. I did end up signing with an agent but for different projects. Soooo…. I present to you… BOY MEETS NERD!

Oh! But first, make sure you come to the party tonight. I’m unveiling something really cool my intern did for me. You don’t want to miss it. It’s on facebook here at 8pm EST.




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10 Reasons to Buy Slaves of Destiny

Here we are again. Another book release and another shameless promotion about why you should buy it 😉

sd_smIn case you’re unconvinced by the cover (come on though, isn’t it sexy?), here’s a list of just some of the reasons you should buy Slaves of Destiny.

1. There’s a new supernatural species brand new to the series! A nymph.

He caught movement upstream. A naked figure bathing in the water. Long blonde, almost white hair fell down her back, reaching the apex of her backside. 

2. And my first human hero.

The brown man stared at her, friendly, but perhaps confused. Wavy black hair fell over his wrinkled forehead. His chest was naked, though he still wore trousers. Who was he? At first glance, he looked human, though a strange mark had been stamped on his chest. 

3. It’s sexy.

She dropped her gaze to his mouth and a greedy glitter grew in her eyes.

Lust. She wanted him.

Fuck, she wanted him! He couldn’t tear his eyes from her mouth. Would she taste as good as she smelled? She closed the distance between them. Her mouth hovered over his. He could taste the wine on her breath. Silence dragged on. Then he moved in.

4. And also a little dangerous.

He spun around, looking for something to use as a weapon. Not that he had experience in fighting, but he’d try anyway. Somehow, in the span of a few hours, the girl had made him care about her. Though she belonged to this world and he didn’t, there was something vulnerable about her that drove him to want to do the honorable thing – to save the damsel in distress. 

5. Aedan makes an appearance!

“You fucked with the wrong fae, Nazar,” he growled. “And you kept me from my mate.” He swung his sword at the smirking incubus.

6. It’ll make you laugh…

“You need to eat?”

“Yes, but it’s not food I crave.”

He thought through the worst. Blood? Animal hearts? High fructose corn syrup? 

7. and also smile.

A cocoon of safety surrounded her. For a long shuddering moment, she knew peace. Eyes closed, she inhaled, then exhaled, trapped under the weight of his masculine body, aware of how she was a part of him as he was of her. For the first time she could recall, there was no fear. Only love.

8. It proves even humans can be sexy.

He kicked off his pants and felt a wave of relief as his cock sprang free. There was a sense of rightness at seeing her beneath him, eagerly waiting, wet and hungry. He wanted to sate her, not just today and not just to ease her pain, but forever. The satyrs could go fuck themselves.

This woman was his.

9. There’s a lot of depth.

There was no greater feeling in the world, nothing that made him more whole, than understanding and being understood by another person. Understanding creates connection, and connecting makes a path for love.

And love was what made the journey worthwhile.     

Who knew sitting in an Underworld brothel would bring such clarity?

10. It’s got a surprise twist ending.

Ah, ah, ah. That I can’t show you. You’ll have to read the book to find out 😉

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The Dom with the Clever Tongue is Released!

That’s right. We’ve released our baby into the wild. After toiling hard, reining it in, making it perfect, we’ve finally published book 4 in the Badass Brats series.

I know this blog particularly is for my PNR series but Leia Shaw is a writer of both genres so I’m sharing the good news in my spooky writing lair too.

In case you haven’t seen it posted a billion times, here’s the blurb and a fun excerpt. And of course, the buy links. Pay special attention to the buy links 😉

Also, cool news… The Brats Bundle (book 1&2) is on SALE this week for only 99 cents. So two books in one for only a dollar. Pretty awesome deal, right? It’s available on amazon, B&N, and ARe.


Reece and Scarlet have everything a loving couple could want, except a hot kinky sex life. Malachi, an experienced Dom, steps in to help them sort that out. But not only is he a terrible memory from Reece’s past, he’s a smartass and damaged goods, too.

As they all learn to trust each other, Malachi becomes more than just their kink coach. It’s a full-on brat smackdown, and no heart gets out unscathed.

Warning: this book contains unrepentant brats, surprise orgasms, a Domme with training wheels, and a Dom whose tongue is registered as a weapon of mass seduction.

BDSM elements, M/F/f, F/f


Scarlet kept her eyes on Reece. “You sure you want to play this game with him?”

Malachi turned his head just in time to see the towel flick out. It snapped, hitting his ass like a whip.

Zero to Dom in point three seconds. Malachi wiped his wet hands on his jeans and walked slowly toward Reece, no longer a sweet, attractive man. In his place was a dangerous, predatory, sex-god. Scarlet’s girlfriend backed away, laughing nervously and twirling the towel again.

“You hit me again, kitten,” he growled, “and you’ll be a very sorry little girl.”

She looked scared but she snapped her arm out again and the dish towel cracked against his thigh.

“Game over.” He lunged at her and she bolted from the room then ran down the hall into the bedroom.

Scarlet couldn’t believe the girl’s nerve. When she caught up with them in the bedroom, Malachi was working on crowding her into a corner, but she kept slipping past him.

“The longer you run the worse this is going to be for you, brat. Stop now and beg for mercy, or you won’t like the consequences.”

Reece was laughing, though she looked both frightened and turned on.

“You talk big for a guy that can’t even catch me.”

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