It’s Here!!!

I’m so excited for the long-awaited release of Boy Meets Nerd!!! I loved writing this book and I really hope my fans enjoy it. It took me a long time to finally publish it after I waffled with signing it to an agent. I did end up signing with an agent but for different projects. Soooo…. I present to you… BOY MEETS NERD!

Oh! But first, make sure you come to the party tonight. I’m unveiling something really cool my intern did for me. You don’t want to miss it. It’s on facebook here at 8pm EST.




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Catching Up by Cheating

Wow. It’s been too long since I posted.

In my defense, it was a pretty hellish Christmas break. I know this is kinda cheating but I have actually been blogging. Once a week I contribute to Nights of Passion. Well, contribute is a strong word. That would imply I add some value. Mostly I just fill up space. Anyway, to read about my crazy but successful winter break — and I define successful as not murdering my children — you click here.

Just before that, I won my first MargaRITA award with my local RWA group! Actually, I won 3! Most of which I’m embarrassed about. To read more about that, click here. (I’m so lazy)

Lately, I’ve been hibernating deep in my warm (but messy) writing cave, working hard on Kept and my New Adult coming soon, Boy Meets Nerd (more details to come).

In branching out into the New Adult world, I’m going to be revamping my website (again), and rebranding Leia Shaw to include contemp humor. What do you think? Can I pull it off? I’m excited for this new genre and adventure. I’m also trying my hand at writing first person, which is an adjustment. You can read more about that here. It’s a good change of pace. I hope you guys love the new voice and changes coming up soon! But as always, you can still expect quality writing, snark, and sexiness 🙂


How was your winter break? What are you looking forward to most this New Year?