RT Sum Up and Photos!

RT is over and I finally have a sum up! Like last year, it went by so fast. Months of build up, a 6 day high, and then a couple days of crashing. RT is a fun-filled, exhausting, sometimes disturbing adventure. Parties, costumes, drinking, eating, dancing, and standing in lines make up most of the convention. Last year I gave a summary on my thoughts about RT, what makes it worthwhile, how to best use it for your career, etc. Every year is a learning experience. Today, I’ll show you some of the fun and share some pictures. Next week, I’ll talk about it from a career standpoint.

The first thing I’ll say is I love New Orleans! Of course, I love music, jazz, and food so how could I not love NOLA, right?

10303455_553919534728795_4452371540001771774_n     10370414_552847948169287_8857970406054954304_n    10311050_551748074945941_8108593689766669985_n  10309218_551747994945949_5149999848669372355_n

The food was either fried, spicy, or sweet, and all are okay by me! Even the coffee tasted better. I happen to love seafood anyway. What I didn’t like was gumbo though. It tasted like fishy soup that had fallen on the floor. My favorite meal was shrimp creole.

10253913_552847924835956_4254417493321902129_n    10303809_553407091446706_5056697182390029717_n


The parties were better than last year. Two of them anyway. The third was not so great. More on that next week.

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Let’s see… What else? The company was awesome. Met up with lots of friends, authors, readers, bloggers. More about that later too as it’s the best reason to go to RT. Something about meeting people face-to-face makes a lasting impression. We got to check out the Mardis Gras floats at the Carnivale party. That was pretty cool.

10365775_552055531581862_8408759873972481749_n    10298884_552055484915200_2511715829089107927_n



I got to meet some authors I’ve either fangirled about or networked with online. Including Julie Ann Walker, Nalini Singh, Tiffany Reiz, Shayla Black, Sierra Cartwright, and Cherise Sinclair.

10390384_553651391422276_2374439417020488692_n    10364098_553651448088937_1082208276894879960_n    10377180_553919648062117_2420491941862401944_n

So the highlights were the food, hanging out with friends, and just being in New Orleans. As far as whether RT is worth it as an author, stay tuned as I sort out my thoughts.

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