KEPT is now available!!!

I’m so excited to announce the release of KEPT, an erotic anthology featuring 6 novellas by 6 bestselling authors!


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I have a couple snippets to entice you, plus a few photos of my inspiration for my novella, My Scottish Keeper. Plus the buy links below!



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Snippet #1:

Heaving a sigh, he held out the cord-like necklace and explained, “You need to wear a mark of ownership. Something that tells the other males you’re taken.” Looking a little ashamed, he added, “This is all I have. If I had more time, I’d have gotten something nicer.”

“That’s silly. You barely know me.”

“Women deserve pretty things. Any man worth his kilt knows that.”

Unable to help myself, I grinned up at him. Jeez. Had my relationships been so bad in the past that I was actually enamored with a man about to make me his slave? That didn’t bode well for my future…or my sanity.

“It’s a nice necklace anyway.”



He stepped back after tying it on then stared at it. “It’s a collar.”

“Like a dog?” I grimaced.

“Like something to be protected.”


“You see it as objectification.” He fingered the cord, making goose bumps rise on my skin. “We see it as an intense and consensual relationship. Women are held in high esteem. We collar them to mark them and protect them.” His eyes glinted with mischief and he smiled. “Nobody fucks with a collared woman.”

tumblr_meayev_KAW21r7vhr2o3_1280_1 mens_thick_leather_necklace_braided_cord_sterling_silver_clasp_d7d24ecf

Snippet #2:

“You want tae tease me, little girl, you’ll get what you deserve.”

“And what’s that?”

He took a threatening step forward and rumbled, “My mouth on you for hours before I let you come.”

kilt21 (2)

Snippet #3:

I looked up at my assailant and froze.

Holy. Fuck.

Fear surfaced – real fear. The kind that made my throat close up and my heart hammer so hard in my chest I thought I might be having a heart attack.

The biggest man I’d ever seen towered over me, still clutching my ankle, forcing me to lie back on my elbows.

“What are you doin’?” he rumbled in a thick accent. Not American. No, he couldn’t possibly be. He was too…thick. Rugged. He looked like a bear. Shaggy beard, long blond hair covering half his face. His wild eyes narrowed at me in suspicion.


And mine isn’t the only good story in there 😉  Holly Roberts, Cari Silverwood, Angela Castle, Sorcha Black, and C.L. Scholey all have fabulous, sexy, romantic books there too. Here’s the blurb…

From the darkest parts of the underworld, to aliens hunting on Earth, to planets far away, each of these capture-themed novellas by six bestselling authors takes you on a wild ride that will heat up your fantasies and keep you up all night long…reading. 

From Holly Roberts – Sergeant Kelly Myers fights a war that humans are losing but there may be a way out. Can she sacrifice her blood and body to a vampire to save her country or is Talon worse than the evil trying to kill them all? 

From Angela Castle – For alien King K’marr, time is running short, he captures and claims the human Ashlyn Sawyer as his. Yet, Ash objects over his methods of persuasion. Can K’marr convince Ash they are Soul Bonds or will she let him succumb to the abyss of madness? 

From Cari Silverwood’s new Preyfinder series – A Preyfinder is trained to withstand hardship and pain, but Jadd would rather kneel before a firestorm than leave his captive, Brittany, to be stalked and killed. The choice between love and loyalty to his soldier brothers may tear him in two. 

From Sorcha Black – Lying tangled in her sheets each night, dreaming of sex, virginal Shiloh never meant to tempt the spying succubus. Even so, the accident of their mutual infatuation wouldn’t save Shiloh or Moth from the Council’s wrath. 

From C.L. Scholey – Lost in a forest, poison ivy for an unwanted companion. Two hot aliens take the form of friends spirit her away aboard their alien vessel. Can life get any stranger for Cali? It can. Add some mind blowing sex and hang on! 

From Leia Shaw – After accidentally turning off a device that could destroy earth, Maggie finds herself abducted by Baen, a man with an accent as sexy as his rugged looks. As he drags her to Scotland to fix it, chemistry between the two explodes, but is it enough for a happily ever after?