I’d Like to Introduce…

My new intern!

Kuro is going to work with me until June, learning what it’s like to be an author, helping me out with stuff, and hopefully gaining some knowledge and skills that will help her in the real world after graduation. I’m excited for this opportunity, not only because I’m lazy and have a minion, but because I think she has something to offer.

First of all, she’s young and has some of the same interests my heroine in Boy Meets Nerd does. So I plan to pick her brain about gaming and all things nerdy.

Secondly, she can draw! And she’s offered to draw my characters. How cool is that? Her style is anime so it’ll look completely different from my covers, which I think is gonna be awesome. She’s going to be blogging coming up soon about anime — what it is, what it means, some of the history, and then we’ll reveal the character drawings from Boy Meets Nerd.

Maybe, if she wants to keep going, she’ll draw the ones from my PNR series too. So stay tuned for that! I think it’ll be really interesting to see my characters come to life that way.