Book Cover Woes

Have I mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with book covers? Initially, I get excited. The artist in me jumps up and down, clapping. Time to play on photoshop! Filters and colors and fonts, oh my!

But, inevitably, the program doesn’t cooperate. Or the fonts don’t work. Or the co-writers are being difficult — No, wait. That’s something else.

So I start off thinking, this will be a fun distraction from writing. Or at least, this will be a distraction from writing. But it always turns into, this is a frustration distraction from writing. Also known as grrrrrrrarrrrgggggg!!!!! (throws computer out the window). Not that I exaggerate or anything.

Anyway, I have a point. It’s somewhere around here. Hang on.

Ah! There it is. A new cover!!!

This is a top secret project I’m working on with some author authors (who shall remain nameless, until you see their names on the cover), so no blabbing about it. And no, I can’t give you a blurb or tell you what it’s about. Soon, but not yet. But here’s the cover. Take from it what you will.




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