10 Reasons You Should Buy My Book

I’m so excited to announce the release of DESTINY FORGIVEN — book 5 of the Shadows of Destiny series!!!


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Right now, I’m doing some shameless promotion so if you’re not sure whether you want to buy my book or not, read on. Hopefully by the end of the list, you’ll be ready to click on the buy links below 🙂

10.  It’s sexy.Maddox2

. With a firm hand, he gripped the back of her neck again. “Mine.”

Her eyelids fell half-closed and she melted against him. So she liked it rough? She liked being his?

“Understand, Felicity? Mine.”

Breathing heavily, she looked into his eyes, distant but aware, all trust and love. “Yes. I’m yours.”

9. There’s a cute shifter kid sidekick.

“You stay with me. You old but bad guys take you too.” He pointed to Maddox’s gun. “Use that. Kill bad guys.”

Maddox glared at the child. Old? He didn’t often spend time with young children. Now he knew why.

8. It’s suspenseful.

A Bolt shot from his hand. Maddox flinched, ready to defend himself. But instead of hitting him, it went straight up in the air. A branch cracked and a frightened snarl echoed in his ears.


He let instinct take over and unleashed the storm inside him.

7. It’s romantic.

“I wish I was better man.” He smoothed a hand down her hair. “I’d let you go. I’d let you be happy with someone who deserved you.”

“I don’t want you to.”

“I’m fucked up, Cee. I don’t know if I’ll ever be normal.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his arm and dug her fingers in as if she were about to fight him to stay. “I don’t want normal. I want you.”

6. It’s got a powerful message about forgiveness.

“You know, forgiveness has nothing to do with the past. It doesn’t change it. But it does change the future.” She sighed softly against him, her breath making goose bumps rise on his skin. “Forgiving your father will help you let go. But forgiving yourself is the only way you’ll truly be free.”

5. The heroine knows a thing or two about love.

“Nobody really chooses love.” She leaned up on her elbows. “It just happens. It starts with a warm feeling in your chest. And every time that person makes you laugh or…or understands a deep part of you no one else does, that warm feeling grows. You tell yourself it’s just ‘like.’ You like this person ‘cause they get you. Then one day you realize you’re so deeply ‘in like’ that you’d do almost anything for them.”

Maddox34. It features a tortured hero. Literally.

The room went black. That ringing in his ears started again. A vision formed. The whip. Blood pooling on a concrete floor. A body arching and pulling on bindings, desperate to get free. Then he was in the body, staring at the ceiling. Waiting for death. Praying for it. Hope fell away and a deep despair trickled through him, taking over his soul. Sorrow turned to nothingness. Empty. A hollow shell. Something inside him died.

3. It’s sometimes funny.

If he never donned that solder’s uniform again, she’d die a happy woman.

“I know this must bring back awful memories,” he said, looking down at her regretfully.

“I’ll get over it. I doubt we’ll use it for role play in the bedroom though.”

2. Gethin is back!

“For passage into the Underworld,” he said, “I want a favor.”

“What favor?” Maddox asked. His face might as well have been carved in stone as he glared at the dragon.

Gethin shrugged. “A favor to be determined at the time of collection.”


The dragon’s eyebrows shot to his hairline. “No?” Clearly he wasn’t accustomed to the word.

Maddox shook his head. “Fuck off. I’m not promising an unnamed favor.”

1. Did I mention it’s sexy?

She gasped for breath, her senses overwhelmed. Taking a chance, she opened one eye. Fuck – the ice cube was in his mouth.

Cold lips on her chafed nipple made her writhe. “Oh, gods! No! Please don’t.”

He sucked her nipple into his frigid mouth and she cried out.

Kissing and nipping his way down her belly, he moved until he was between her legs again. He bit the inside of her thigh hard and she screamed. Her hips tilted toward his mouth. She couldn’t help herself. She needed his tongue…there.


Hopefully that was interesting enough to entice you to buy the book! If so, here are the links…






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