Teaser Tuesday #2 – Countdown to Destiny Forgiven!


23 days till release!!!

Another favorite teaser from Destiny Forgiven today! Remember to join my facebook Halloween Book Bash to celebrate the release with prizes, games, Q&A, and more!

First the blurb for the book then the teaser for the day.

When shifter rebel, Felicity, is thrown into the sorcerer’s prison, she meets the legendary torturerer known as Inkman. The menacing guard with the gruesome tattoos is almost unrecognizable, but she could never forget her childhood sweetheart, Maddox Blackwell.

But he has no memory of her. Brainwashed and broken, his human emotions have been destroyed, leaving him bereft, without an identity. Now only darkness remains. As she fights to make him remember their past, forgotten feelings reignite. Love was once a breath away. Can she save him before he must take that final step and execute her?

Sage looked at James. They seemed to exchange some silent thought then she answered, “Okay. Let’s do it.” A moment later she snapped, “But if you get me killed, I’m going to be pissed.”

Maddox smiled and patted Felicity’s hand still on his arm. It was a simple plan and a smaller team than he’d like but he believed in them.

“She done anything impressive?” Sage asked, nodding to Felicity.

He chuckled and turned to the face the woman he admired and loved. Gazing down at her, the weight of what she’d been through really sunk in. “Yes,” he answered. “She survived Marwolaeth Du.”


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