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I’m so excited to announce the release of DESTINY FORGIVEN — book 5 of the Shadows of Destiny series!!!


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10.  It’s sexy.Maddox2

. With a firm hand, he gripped the back of her neck again. “Mine.”

Her eyelids fell half-closed and she melted against him. So she liked it rough? She liked being his?

“Understand, Felicity? Mine.”

Breathing heavily, she looked into his eyes, distant but aware, all trust and love. “Yes. I’m yours.”

9. There’s a cute shifter kid sidekick.

“You stay with me. You old but bad guys take you too.” He pointed to Maddox’s gun. “Use that. Kill bad guys.”

Maddox glared at the child. Old? He didn’t often spend time with young children. Now he knew why.

8. It’s suspenseful.

A Bolt shot from his hand. Maddox flinched, ready to defend himself. But instead of hitting him, it went straight up in the air. A branch cracked and a frightened snarl echoed in his ears.


He let instinct take over and unleashed the storm inside him.

7. It’s romantic.

“I wish I was better man.” He smoothed a hand down her hair. “I’d let you go. I’d let you be happy with someone who deserved you.”

“I don’t want you to.”

“I’m fucked up, Cee. I don’t know if I’ll ever be normal.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his arm and dug her fingers in as if she were about to fight him to stay. “I don’t want normal. I want you.”

6. It’s got a powerful message about forgiveness.

“You know, forgiveness has nothing to do with the past. It doesn’t change it. But it does change the future.” She sighed softly against him, her breath making goose bumps rise on his skin. “Forgiving your father will help you let go. But forgiving yourself is the only way you’ll truly be free.”

5. The heroine knows a thing or two about love.

“Nobody really chooses love.” She leaned up on her elbows. “It just happens. It starts with a warm feeling in your chest. And every time that person makes you laugh or…or understands a deep part of you no one else does, that warm feeling grows. You tell yourself it’s just ‘like.’ You like this person ‘cause they get you. Then one day you realize you’re so deeply ‘in like’ that you’d do almost anything for them.”

Maddox34. It features a tortured hero. Literally.

The room went black. That ringing in his ears started again. A vision formed. The whip. Blood pooling on a concrete floor. A body arching and pulling on bindings, desperate to get free. Then he was in the body, staring at the ceiling. Waiting for death. Praying for it. Hope fell away and a deep despair trickled through him, taking over his soul. Sorrow turned to nothingness. Empty. A hollow shell. Something inside him died.

3. It’s sometimes funny.

If he never donned that solder’s uniform again, she’d die a happy woman.

“I know this must bring back awful memories,” he said, looking down at her regretfully.

“I’ll get over it. I doubt we’ll use it for role play in the bedroom though.”

2. Gethin is back!

“For passage into the Underworld,” he said, “I want a favor.”

“What favor?” Maddox asked. His face might as well have been carved in stone as he glared at the dragon.

Gethin shrugged. “A favor to be determined at the time of collection.”


The dragon’s eyebrows shot to his hairline. “No?” Clearly he wasn’t accustomed to the word.

Maddox shook his head. “Fuck off. I’m not promising an unnamed favor.”

1. Did I mention it’s sexy?

She gasped for breath, her senses overwhelmed. Taking a chance, she opened one eye. Fuck – the ice cube was in his mouth.

Cold lips on her chafed nipple made her writhe. “Oh, gods! No! Please don’t.”

He sucked her nipple into his frigid mouth and she cried out.

Kissing and nipping his way down her belly, he moved until he was between her legs again. He bit the inside of her thigh hard and she screamed. Her hips tilted toward his mouth. She couldn’t help herself. She needed his tongue…there.


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Four More Days and First Chapter Posted!

Just 4 days until Destiny Forgiven releases!!!

To tempt you to buy the book when it releases on HALLOWEEN, I’ve posted the whole first chapter. Yes, that’s right. ALL of it!

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Northern Wales – 2010


They say the screams could be heard a mile away from the ominous fortress. His mind was strong. It took longer than anticipated to break it. But Marwolaeth Du was known for far worse than breaking the will of strong men.

After many long months, the man who woke children at night with his terrified screams came out of Marwolaeth Du a changed man. A man with a soul as stained as the fresh ink on his skin.




I wish love and duty were one and the same. I’ve never been good at making decisions.

Maddox to Felicity in a letter, January 2003


Felicity brought her knees to her chest and hugged them, fighting the cold in the drafty cell. She winced in pain when she clasped her hands together. Her captor had almost broken her wrist. Her nose felt enormous and she’d bet her eyes were black and blue. They’d banged her up pretty good.

She was no stranger to pain. It was an occupational hazard of being a rebel. The rebel. Oh, they’d have fun getting information from her. The Sorcery Council was known for being harsh when it came to flushing out the rebellion.

A shudder rocked her. The cold floor was seeping through her worn-out jeans and making her ass numb. Her eyes had finally adjusted to the constant dark. Trying to read the messages etched into the wall broke up the boredom at least, even if it did add to her terror. But she would not break down and cry. If this was her fate, so be it. She’d die for something she believed in. There was no shame in that.

Her stomach growled, reminding her she’d been there long enough to have missed several meals. She shifted her stiff body on the hard floor and groaned. Being a martyr sounded so much better on paper. Maybe her courage did outweigh her sense, like Dalton always said.

Dalton. The reminder sent a twinge of pain through her chest. She hoped he was okay. How many of her friends had been caught when the mission had failed? Were they there in the same prison, only a few yards away? The walls were so thick she couldn’t hear anything outside the cell. She’d give the Council anything if they left her friends alone.

There she was, being all brave again. Sometimes her heart steered her places her brain knew she shouldn’t go. Like into the recruitment camp that night. And now she was going to pay.

The steel door opened and a guard entered, pointing a gun at her chest. “Get up. You’re going to see the Inkman.”

Inkman? Well that didn’t sound so bad. What was he going to do? Scribble some notes about her?

The gun was effective at getting her moving. Shapeshifters, unlike werewolves, were one of the mortal supernatural races, which meant she could be killed like a mortal – gunshot wound, sword through the heart, bludgeoning in the head, all that gory stuff. If only she could shift, she could’ve gotten the hell out of there a long time ago.

She scratched at the metal band around her upper arm. It still ached where the hundreds of needles stuck into her skin – a magic device to keep her from shifting. Without her magic, she felt so empty.

The guard led her down the dimly lit hallway. Overhead lights swung on wires from the ceiling, reminding her of a basement in a horror movie. The kind where sickos hacked their victims to pieces and kept them in jars in the refrigerator. Another shudder crept through her.

He opened the door to a room containing only a table and chair. What appeared to be a one-way mirror ran the length of the wall. Was that where Inkman was taking notes?

“Sit down.” The guard gestured to the chair. “Inkman will be here soon.” He grinned down at her when she sat. “And I suggest you behave. He’s not someone you want to mess with, shifter.” He spat the last word as if it tasted dirty in his mouth.

Under the fluorescent lights, she got a good look at the guard. She was surprised to find him attractive. Someone she might have even considered going on a date with. Well, if he wasn’t keeping her starved and dehydrated and quite possibly about to torture her.

Without another word, he turned around and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. She stared at it, wondering if she should even bother to check if it was locked.

She didn’t. Instead, she sat in the chair like a good prisoner, awaiting what fate had in store for her. At least it was nice to be outside of that dark, cold cell. She turned to glance at the mirror then did a double take. She barely recognized herself. Raccoon eyes, dried blood under her nose, a fat lip. Was it really going to end like this? Her throat closed up.

Do not cry, Felicity.

She blinked once and the urge was gone. With trembling hands, she tried to tame the strands of black hair sticking up on the top of her head.

Trying to impress someone?, her subconscious sneered.

She placed her hands in her lap. A girl should look decent for her torture, shouldn’t she?

She sighed and shook her head. She was losing her mind already. They’d break her like a twig.

The door creaked open. A man stepped into the room.

The first thing she noticed was his bald head. Under his crisp green uniform, muscles bulged. And covering his scalp, neck, and bare arms were dozens of tattoos.

Inkman. Now she got it.

His lips were pursed in a flat line. The tendons in his neck were tight strings. His hands clenched into fists at his side. The man was a wound-up ball of angry muscle.

She gulped, then finally looked into his eyes, afraid of what she’d find there.

Big and round, deep brown with a spattering of yellow.

Wait a minute. She squinted and looked again. She’d know those eyes anywhere. Hope started in her chest then flooded her with warmth, making her grin. Her mind took her back to the last time she’d seen those comforting eyes.

“Let’s run away together,” Maddox said, jumping from rock to rock across the creek.

Felicity sighed and sat down on the bank, dipping her bare feet into the cool water. Her heart ached for her best friend. His life was coming to an end at age twenty. “And where would we go?”

“To the coast. A small fishing village.” He jumped to the opposite bank then turned around to do it again.

“Do you even know how to fish?”

His face fell. “Well, no. But I could learn.”

“And what would I do while you went fishing every day?” She smiled, indulging his fantasy this one time.

“Um.” He thought for a moment then grinned. “You would sing.”


“You have an awesome voice.” He took a final leap then landed in front of her. Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her to her feet. They walked, hand in hand, through the green meadow. The same meadow they’d spend years playing hide-and-seek in as children. “You could sing and we’d go swimming in the ocean every weekend.”

She gave him a sideways glance. “Who am I, the Little Mermaid?”

He laughed, then broke into a song from the movie.

“I’m serious, Maddox!” She bit her lip to hold back a smile. “Life can’t always be fun and games.”

“Who says?”

“The world. The gods.” She sighed in exasperation. “Everyone!” When he continued to sing Disney songs, she added, “Your father.”

He froze and she almost regretted it. His expression sobered.

Then she did feel guilty. She placed her hands on his forearms and looked him in the eye. “I’ll miss you, Maddi.” Grief lodged in her throat. “I’ll miss you more than anything.” She barely choked out the words.

He frowned down at her, his eyes full of sadness. Hesitantly, he touched her cheek. “Don’t say that. It’s not forever.”

A pair of heavy hands slammed onto the table, startling her out of the memory. She looked up into those familiar eyes. Her Maddox was here.

“Maddox.” She jumped up and reached for him.

“Sit down, shifter!” His booming voice echoed off the empty walls and made her flinch.

Eyes wide, she stumbled back, then fell into the chair.

She peered up at him, a cold sense of dread sliding through her. Those eyes…the ones that had always represented warmth and fun, hardened and narrowed into cruel slits. This was not the Maddox she knew and loved – the lighthearted, mischievous boy she’d spent summers chasing and laughing with.

No, this was a very different Maddox. One that made her chest ache and her knees tremble with fear.

Gods help me.

What the hell happened to him? Maddox had turned into her worst enemy.





Teaser and Giveaway of a $10 gift card!!!


14 DAYS!!!

Only 14 days until Destiny Forgiven releases!!!

Today, I have a bit of a longer excerpt from the book to tease you with. Just so you have a little bit of an idea about what’s going on, here’s the blurb.

When shifter rebel, Felicity, is thrown into the sorcerer’s prison, she meets the legendary torturerer known as Inkman. The menacing guard with the gruesome tattoos is almost unrecognizable, but she could never forget her childhood sweetheart, Maddox Blackwell.

But he has no memory of her. Brainwashed and broken, his human emotions have been destroyed, leaving him bereft, without an identity. Now only darkness remains. As she fights to make him remember their past, forgotten feelings reignite. Love was once a breath away. Can she save him before he must take that final step and execute her?


The momentary confusion disappeared, with it that pesky hope, and his lips twisted in anger.  “You lied to me. The whole paper was filled with lies.”

She cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, Maddox, but did you really expect me to give up so soon? You know me better than that.”

When his face twisted in tortured rage, she knew she’d made a mistake. He reached for her throat before she could dodge him. A second later, she was flattened on the bed.

“I don’t know you,” he said slowly, his face reddening with each word. Was he trying to convince her, or himself?

She didn’t fight to get free. Though he pinned her by the throat, his hand was gentle. His face said hatred, violence, but he didn’t hurt her.

Bravery rose to the surface, and compassion for his suffering. She stared into his eyes, willing him to remember.

Please, gods, make him remember!

She shifted her gaze to his forehead, now bright red with veins throbbing, she thought back to when his eyes wrinkled with laugh lines. His eyes, now black and murky, used to twinkle when he was up to mischief.

“You know me,” she whispered.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled a deep breath. Eyes fluttered closed and he leaned in. Warm breath against her ear, his cheek grazed hers. A tingle ran from that single spot of affectionate touch all the way down to her toes. She exhaled loudly. How she missed this. Soft touches, poetic words…love. Maddox had been love in its purest form.

A soft growl jerked her from her thoughts. Though he held most of his weight on the one arm resting on the mattress next to her head, his body still crushed her.

“You make me crazy,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Black eyes stared down at her again, this time filled with torment. He adjusted his grip on her neck – moved his hand lower and rested it on her clavicle.

“You used to say that when I wore sundresses in the summer.”

His brows drew together but he didn’t speak. She took that as permission to continue.

“You called them flowy skirts. When I wore them, you’d rub your eyes and say, in a pained voice, ‘Gods, Cee, you make me crazy!’” She exhaled a chuckle. “It was adorable so of course I wore them as often as I could.”

The side of his lip curved in an awkward attempt at a smile. “You had the legs for them.”

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To the Bat Cave!

Ironically, the place I’ve needed to be the last couple of weeks is in my bat cave (i.e. writing cave), but I only just got one of those this weekend. My writer cave has been the local cafe for the past several months because, though I have a laptop and technically can work anywhere, curled up on the couch under a blanket is surprisingly not productive (in case you’ve never done it, it often leads to long leisurely naps – especially when one has the luxury of staying in pajamas all day). So you can see why a bat cave was essential for my career.

So this weekend, hubby and I cleaned out a room, took a trip to Ikea, and made me a bat cave!

Since I’m a completely unorganized mess (which makes me interesting, right?), plus I have nothing better to write about, I thought I’d share my new bat cave with you.

With each picture, you will see evidence of productivity and inspiration. Well, it may not be obvious to you, but I’ll be sure to point it out.

So here is my desk. In a moment, we’ll take a look a closer look at its contents so you can see how a disorganized bat cave is formed. But first, take special notice of the color scheme. It’s hard to tell in the photo but the desk is actually quite purple. I initially picked out a very sophisticated dark serious-looking desk that I figured would inspire me to buckle down and be all serious-like. Then I grabbed some hot pink accents to give it some personality. But near the check-out, we saw the scratch and dent section and found this purple sucker for only $50. And because I’m cheap and lazy, I took that one instead and didn’t go back to change my accent colors. Therefore, I’m left with a hot pink and pale purple office. I’m thinking about painting the walls lime green and just going all out with it. What do you think?


Clue #1 that I’m a productive writer.

office5I have a white board! That alone tells you something, right? Even better is my super helpful To Do list. It’s both practical and inspiring! (In case you can’t see what it says… 1. Write 2. Avoid facebook 3. See #1) Speaking of inspiring, check out the pictures of my kids! Usually they’re productivity leeches, but since the money I make from writing goes to vacations, activities, and my daughter’s private school, I often need reminders of why I put myself through this torture again and again.

Clue #2


I have books! Therefore I’m a writer.

Clue #3

office1The computer is my tool. Coffee is my oxygen. The poster of my book cover is because I have nowhere else to put it.

Clue #4


See that hangy thing right there? That’s my name badge from RT last year. I had soooo much fun and met some truly amazing people. So I hung that right there where I can see it from my desk to remind me of anther reason I do my job. To bring my awesome fans great books.

And there you have it. My disorganized, pink and purple, super inspirational bat cave. What’s your space look like? Do you have things in your work space (whatever work that might be) that inspire you to keep going? I’d love to hear from you!

Teaser Tuesday #2 – Countdown to Destiny Forgiven!


23 days till release!!!

Another favorite teaser from Destiny Forgiven today! Remember to join my facebook Halloween Book Bash to celebrate the release with prizes, games, Q&A, and more!

First the blurb for the book then the teaser for the day.

When shifter rebel, Felicity, is thrown into the sorcerer’s prison, she meets the legendary torturerer known as Inkman. The menacing guard with the gruesome tattoos is almost unrecognizable, but she could never forget her childhood sweetheart, Maddox Blackwell.

But he has no memory of her. Brainwashed and broken, his human emotions have been destroyed, leaving him bereft, without an identity. Now only darkness remains. As she fights to make him remember their past, forgotten feelings reignite. Love was once a breath away. Can she save him before he must take that final step and execute her?

Sage looked at James. They seemed to exchange some silent thought then she answered, “Okay. Let’s do it.” A moment later she snapped, “But if you get me killed, I’m going to be pissed.”

Maddox smiled and patted Felicity’s hand still on his arm. It was a simple plan and a smaller team than he’d like but he believed in them.

“She done anything impressive?” Sage asked, nodding to Felicity.

He chuckled and turned to the face the woman he admired and loved. Gazing down at her, the weight of what she’d been through really sunk in. “Yes,” he answered. “She survived Marwolaeth Du.”

Sunday Snippet and Giveaway!

DFreleaseIf you haven’t heard yet…pay attention now! The 5th book from the Shadows of Destiny series release on HALLOWEEN!!!!

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All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and leave a comment about what kind of supernatural you’d like to be if you lived in my world (witch, vampire, werewolf, sorcerer, shifter, fae, dragon, etc). The winner will receive a signed PRINT copy of Destiny Bewitched, book 4 of the Shadows of Destiny series! I’ll choose a winner on Tuesday and announce it with my Tuesday Teaser post.

So here’s your snippet today. Just a little teaser to show my character’s dynamics. Poor sweet Maddox from the very first book has been tortured and brainwashed and barely remembers who he was. It’s up to Felicity, his childhood sweetheart, to bring the real Maddox back.


She grinned. “You can make a neon ball in your hands. Big deal. I can turn into a bird and fly away.”

“Never far enough for me not to find you.” The words sounded familiar – like he’d said them before, many times.

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Teaser Tuesday, Countdown to Destiny Forgiven #1

As the countdown to the release of Destiny Forgiven begins, I have the first of a weekly series called Teaser Tuesday. If you don’t know anything about the book, it’s the fifth in my paranormal romance series and it’s releasing HALLOWEEN!!!

As we get closer, I’ll start posting information about my giant Halloween Book Bash I’m having to celebrate, plus all the ways to win tons of prizes!

Destiny Forgiven features Maddox, a sorcerer who’s been tortured and brainwashed to believe his childhood sweetheart, Felicity, is now his worst enemy. As Felicity tries to survive the harsh sentence in the sorcerer prison, her only chance for survival is making Maddox remember who she is.


He swallowed hard and stepped back. “Get undressed.”df_med

Her eyes widened. “What? I… No.”

She was modest? After she claimed to have been in love with him now she refuses to get naked in front of him? Fuck that.

“You’re going in that tub whether you strip yourself or I do it for you.”

She frowned then looked down at her raggedy clothes. “What’s the point of getting clean when I just have to put these dirty clothes back on?”

“The water’s warm.” He dipped his hand in to check. “It’ll help you heal.”

After a moment of contemplation she finally shrugged then mumbled, “It’s not like I haven’t been naked in front of you before.”

He took a deep breath and held it as she lifted her shirt over her head. Fuck. The bruises caught his attention first. And that her ribs showed too much to be healthy. Ugly black and purple marks made a pattern across her torso to just under her breasts. The urge to hit, to kill tore through him again. He stamped it down with thought of his mission – why he couldn’t fail. His people were counting on him. What he stood for what right. What she and the rebels did was –

When she unsnapped her bra and slid the straps off of her shoulders, his mind blanked. Creamy white skin surrounded her puckered nipples. He longed to suck one into his mouth. When she crossed her arms over her chest, he realized he was staring and shook himself out of the daze.

“Uh,” he explained brilliantly then cleared his throat. “The pants too.”

Despite the blush that spread across her cheeks, she boldly stood and shimmied her jeans down her hips. He grimaced at the crackling sound they made from being stiff with dried dirt and sweat. Before he could catch a glimpse at much more than her sexy ass, she jumped in the tub and sunk down in the water.

He heaved in a breath and stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“Thank you,” she said, peering at him from just above the tub wall. “I can take it from here.”

The hell if he was leaving the room now. His cock was pulsing just thinking about her naked just a few dozen feet away. He wished he could strip and climb in there with her. The Jacuzzi tub was big enough – why shouldn’t he?

No. He almost let out an agonized groan. Naked in a tub with the enemy was a stupid idea. And by the way his pants were tenting, he’d fuck her up against the tub wall in a matter of minutes. She was too hurt for that and she deserved better.


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